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    Andre L. Perry

    WHERE DID YOU GROW UP: I’m from West Philadelphia born and raised…you know the rest! WHEN DID YOU FIRST BECOME INTERESTED IN PHOTOGRAPHY: I became interested in photography after seeing the movie Love Jones in 1997 with Larenz Tate and N Read More...
  • Nicholas Maggio


    Nicholas Maggio for Cadillac. 
  • Benjamin Rasmussen

    New York Times

    Benjamin Rasmussen photographed the scouting program for the upcoming TV program, "The Next Olympic Hopeful", for the New York Times.  Read More...
  • Laure Joliet

    Madame Figaro

    Laure Joliet photographed Rails founder and creative director Jeff Abrams for Madame Figaro. Read More...
  • Nicholas Maggio


    Nicholas Maggio photographed indoor skydiving for a new iFly campaign. Read More...
  • Winnie Au


    Winnie Au photographed Pinterest community manager Enid Hwang for Lonny.  Read More...

    What is Lyft?

    Sing-Sing directed an informative video for Lyft. The full video is here: Sing-Sing | Lyft Read More...
  • Laure Joliet

    Architectural Digest

    Laure Joliet photographed the Los Angeles home of director Matthew Frost.  Read More...
  • Will Deleon

    The Hollywood Reporter

    Will Deleon for the Hollywood Reporter.
  • Will Bryant


    Will Bryant painted a mural for CAVA's new location in Austin.  Read More...
  • Laure Joliet

    Jesse Kamm | Domino

    Laure Joliet photographed Jesse Kamm at her home in LA for Domino. Read More...
  • Benjamin Rasmussen

    Volvo | Bloomberg Businessweek

    Benjamin Rasmussen photographed the Volvo factory in Charleston, SC for Bloomberg Businessweek. Read More...