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    Eudes de Santana

    WHERE DID YOU GROW UP: I was born and raised in a small town in Brazil called Rio Claro. It’s in the São Paulo city area, where I would say I culturally grew up indeed. I moved to Londrina, southern Brazil, then Barcelona, Spain, th [...]
  • Nicholas Maggio

    2017 Lincoln Continental

    The 2017 Lincoln Continental, photographed by Nicholas Maggio. [...]
  • Emiliano Granado

    New Artist

    Welcome Emiliano Granado to the This Represents family!  [...]
  • Laure Joliet

    Jamba Juice

    Laure Joliet photographed the new Jamba Juice in Pasadena desigend by architect Barbara Bestor. [...]
  • Winnie Au

    Coca-Cola Freestyle

    Winnie Au for Coca-Cola Freestyle.  [...]
  • Nicholas Maggio

    Nike Brand Jordan | Victor Oladipo

    Nicholas Maggio photographed Victor Oladipo for Nike Jordan Brand. [...]
  • Eudes de Santana

    New Artist

    We are now representing Eudes de Santana in North America and Asia.   [...]
  • Benjamin Rasmussen

    NY Times Magazine

    Benjamin Rasmussen photographed the Russian doping whistle blowers Vitaly Stepanov and Yuliya Stepanova shot for the New York Times Magazine. [...]
  • Will Bryant

    The Quiet Life | Summer '16

  • Benjamin Rasmussen

    Fortune Magazine

    "You Do What?" A series of portraits photographed by Benjamin Rasmussen for Fortune Magazine.  [...]
  • Winnie Au

    Elle MacPherson | NY Times

    Winnie Au photographed Elle MacPherson for the NY Times. [...]
  • Nicholas Maggio

    Nike | Amari Cooper

    Nicholas Maggio photographed Amari Cooper for Nike Vapor Speed.  [...]